Preventing, Controlling and Healing Ingrown Hairs is a fine balance of Exfoliation and Hydration. 

As your skin reproduces cells, you build up a layer of dead skin. As you remove your hair from the follicle & continually take it from its source of nutrients and vitamins, the hairs loose their integrity and become finer. Less integrity in the hair means less growth and pain for your Sugaring but can create a different kind of maintenance for you.

Here are the tips we suggest for caring for your sweet spots. 


This solution made from plant derived acids comes in a convenient roll on that helps exfoliate dead skin and kill bacteria to help aid in the prevention and resolution of ingrown hairs. May be applied daily or modified to every couple days depending on each individuals skin. Most people that are diligent about their exfoliation don't ever struggle with ingrowns but some people don't exfoliate enough or they still need more assistance. That is where PFB comes in but not everyone will need it. 


(Available in house or through our online store)


We find that using something with texture to wash your body with a soap of your choice (We like Dr. Broners Tea Tree soap.) every time you shower makes a nice gentle exfoliation to help reduce dead skin build up. We highly recommend the scrubby gloves or the long, rectangular, stretchy cloth over the fake, poof ball loofas or super rough real loofas. The gloves or stretchy cloth dry fast and can be thrown in the washer so they dont harbor bacteria and aren't too rough for the skin. You will notice a couple days of growth where the hair is trying to break through the surface of the skin and it is almost itchy but not really. This is the time that you want to be a little aggressive with your scrubbing time. It will almost hurt but feel good because you are getting those hairs to break through the skin. It makes a huge difference. 

(Available in house $3.99 each) Also found in most health food stores like Sprouts or Trader Joe's usually.


An all natural, organic, simple, affordable way to not only hydrate the skin but promote healing. Coconut oil has many wonderful benefits. This is only one of its many health remedies. This step should be done daily to "give back" to the skin after you have exfoliated and especially if you are using PFB. Washing and using PFB strips the skin of its natural oils so in order to maintain that balance of hydration and exfoliation, you must rehydrate. 

Found in any cooking isle in the grocery store. Just go for the purest one.

Check out Oil Pulling for example. You will be amazed at what you discover. We could go on and on about Coconut Oil just like we can about Sugaring. Both natural miracles! 


Last but not least! A powerful pure extract from Lavendar applied to the area will promote healing and hydration.  Ask your Upper Level therapist how you can order the purest oils at wholesale anytime you want. 

Enlighten yourself and get back to the roots of real medicine. We can tell you how. CONTACT US AT THE UPPER LEVEL SPA!