For Licensed Professionals and enrolled Students Only

Sugaring is our claim to fame! It’s what we specialize in…

Proud to be part of the original Sugaring pioneers in the United States, California. Certified in 2003 before anyone knew what Sugaring was in San Diego, we set out on what would be one of the biggest, most exciting journeys of our lives.

Hair removal is generally given very little attention in the beauty industry. This is surprising given the fact that this is a fairly invasive service for the client. Often times causing adverse reactions and a memorable, traumatizing experience. That is why it is our Mission to transform all our elite professional practitioners into confident experts in the field of hair removal.

Foundational Sugaring Certification (with demo of Brazilian bikini)

Investment regularly $350.00 NOW $300.00 for a limited time

This six hour Foundational Body Sugaring Certification Course will give you an in depth knowledge on Sweet and True products and the history of the Art of body Sugaring. We will review a little theory but spend the majority of our time with hands on training.

You will learn to sugar many areas of the body and face. If you pick up the method efficiently and have a willing model, we are happy to assist you in a full brazilian and/or facial areas in your first class but usually students prefer to enroll in our Advanced Course to really master these in demand services.

*Your Educator will demonstrate a live Brazilian sugar for the class.

Throughout the class you will be taught valuable insight on how to market and build your sugaring business

Already certified but want to enhance your technique and learn to comfortably perform Brazilian Bikini or Facial area sugaring? Our Advanced Certification or a One on One training is what you are looking for.

Advanced Certification

Investment $250

This four hour hands-on course will teach you the skills you need to safely and efficiently perform Brazilian Sugaring and Facial areas. We will help you master your method so you can safely and efficiently perform Sugaring treatments on the most sensitive & challenging areas. We’ll start the day by reviewing your Foundational Sugaring techniques and address any issues you've encountered. Your educator will demonstrate a Brazilian Sugaring service and each student will perform 2 or more Brazilians and/or Facial areas or anywhere you are wanting to focus on.

One on One Training

Investment $125 hourly  

This personalized class is booked by the hour with a 2 hour minimum. The training can be onsite at your location or at one of our studios.  We will work with you side by side on your individual requests for troubleshooting to improve your skill level and enhance you sugaring method.

What will I need to get certified?

  • You must be a licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist or be currently enrolled in a beauty college. (copy of license or proof of enrollment is required upon reserving a class)

  • You will need to grow your own body hair prior to class as students will practice on eachother and then test their skills on their models. Depending on the class size & dynamics, you may not need a hairy model for the Foundational Course.

  • Models cannot be licensed professionals or in beauty college. Models are required to have 10 days or more of growth post your last shave or 21 days or more post wax/sugar. Keep this in mind when finding your model.  Students will practice on each other and test their skills on their model.

  • Cash, PayPal, Venmo, credit card payment accepted and due upon reservation