Sugaring is our claim to fame! Sugaring is a less abrasive form of hair removal containing only sugar, lemon juice and water. No chemicals, No resins, No preservatives, 100% Natural, 100% Sanitary, No double dipping, No Burning, No Tearing, Longer lasting results. Ideal for the most tender areas of the body. By far, the most superior form of hair removal available today!

Facts about Sugaring


The earliest references to hair removal came from the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece. Early writings out of Mesopotamia tell of kings who would have the slave girls serving them be expected to remove their body hair. Hair on the body was considered to be unclean by the upper class. Possibly through a fortuitous accident, the method of using sugar for hair removal treatments was developed. Sugar is an all natural form of hair removal. It is far superior over waxing of any kind.

Benefits of Sugar:

  •     100% pure and natural
  •     It’s never hot so it will never burn the skin
  •     Does not adhere to live skin cells so it is less painful and less abrasive
  •     Safe for eczema or psoriasis
  •     Easy clean up, you will never leave sticky
  •     More sanitary, never touches another client
  •     Can extract shorter hairs
  •     Leads to permanency faster since you can extract the hair in the shorter, active stage of growth before it is nourished

Treatment Advice:

  • Do not rub or scratch skin after treatment
  • Avoid exercise immediately after treatment

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become a professional Body Sugaring Practitioner?

We offer a one day course to become certified in Sugaring.

Hair removal is generally given very little attention in the beauty industry. This is surprising given the fact that this is a fairly invasive service for the client. Often times causing adverse reactions and a memorable, traumatizing experience.

It is our mission to educate and transform all our professional practitioners into confident experts in the field of hair removal. There will be a two part exam in practical and theory for you to complete successfully at the end of the training.

After you meet these requirements you will be given a professional Sugaring Practitioner certificate. A valued asset to you and your clients.

What will I need to get certified?

You will need a 6 hour day for hands on education and a model that is hairy from head to toe. Students will practice on each other and test their skills on their model.

Do we recognize certificates from other Sugaring companies?

Each individual situation is taken into consideration, of course. We have found that most practitioners choose to take our course to further their knowledge and master their skills in sugaring. Although, those who simply want to order Sugar are given the opportunity to successfully complete our written and practical exams.

What is the benefit of becoming a Certified Professional Sugaring Practitioner?

This skill, when perfected and performed efficiently, can set you apart from the rest of the competition in the way of building your business. You can offer clients a product that ensures them the most efficient and comfortable hair removal service available. Clients appreciate the amazing results and critical differences between wax and sugar. They get excited and have to tell their friends. They are so thankful they found a method so gentle, safe and sanitary. Your clientele grows rapidly and effortlessly.

Are there professional support products in addition to the Sugar paste?

We offer a variety of natural, paraben free pre and post support products. They are safe and effective on all ages and skin types.