The earliest references to hair removal came from the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece. Early writings out of Mesopotamia tell of kings who would have the slave girls serving them be expected to remove their body hair. Hair on the body was considered to be unclean by the upper class. Possibly through a fortuitous accident, the method of using sugar for hair removal treatments was developed. Sugar is an all natural form of hair removal. It is far superior over waxing of any kind. This is an ancient yet cutting edge remedy for all unwanted hair, especially the most sensitive areas.

People always ask us, “Is there a difference between Waxing VS Sugaring???”

The answer is Yes!

Benefits of Sugaring

  • 100% pure and natural. Just SUGAR, LEMON & WATER

We believe in quality, eco-friendly beauty alternatives that are crafted with the utmost integrity. Our products are free of urea, parabens, laurel sulphates and petro. Nothing is tested on animals and everything is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Head to toe sweetness. Safe for every nook, crack, and cranny.

  • It’s never hot so it will never burn the skin

Sugar is only ever warm, never hot.

  • No Chemicals or Resins

This is one of the major differences between sugaring and waxing. Wax products are made of chemicals & petroleum based resins which adhere to live skin cells & are prone to contamination. Because wax sticks to any surface it is applied to, pulling it away causes unwarranted pain. Our Sugaring products never adhere to live skin cells, only dead skin & hair. Therefore, when it is removed, it only gently exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving behind silky smooth skin.

  • Safe for eczema or psoriasis

Sugar is safe because it does not damage the skin further. It only adheres to dead skin and hair so when correctly learned and practiced , it gently exfoliates the skin cell accumulation in the effected areas and can actually assist in healing them.

  • Easy clean up, you will never leave sticky. Rinses away easily with water

There is no risk to damaging your clothes and more importantly, your skin. Sugar is 100% water soluable and can easily be rinsed away after sugaring if needed with water. You leave feeling clean and smooth.

  • 100% Sanitary

Sugar paste is never re-used. Your sugar paste never touches another client. There are no sticks of strips and there is no risk of double dipping. Gloves are worn and the sugar paste is discarded after each client. Sugar eliminates the possibility of bacteria as is cannot breed in high concentrates of sugar. This fact also helps heal ingrowns from previous methods.

  • Can extract shorter hairs at 1/16”(2mm) rather than a ¼” with wax

This eliminates the long wait times & frustration between visits. Every treatment makes your hair easier to extract.

  • Leads to permanency faster since you can extract the hair in the shorter, active stage of growth before it is nourished

    Clients usually see immediate results after their very first treatment in regards to refined hair and even complete diminishment all while improving the texture of their skin. When you can remove the hair in the active stage of growth, the root loses it’s integrity and becomes finer because it isn’t getting fed nutrients like collagen, elastin, blood, etc. So the more you remove the root from its source of food, essentially, the weaker and less abundant it becomes.

  • Removes hair in the same direction of growth, rather than against like wax

Waxing removes the hair against the natural direction of growth causing undue levels of pain. With the Sugaring method, you only remove the hair in the natural direction of the growth. The sugar paste seeps into the hair follicle & wraps around the hair, actually lubricating it so it can then be removed with the least amount of discomfort. Especially important for sensitive areas.

Once you Sugar, you’ll accept nothing less!

We look forward to working with you towards Sweet success with

The Art of Body Sugaring